Space Pirates are Invading!!

Are you ready for some intergalactic and swashbuckling adventure at Camp Ross this year?

A crew of space pirates has landed on the parade field looking for treasure, glory, and fun but stumbled upon a problem that puts Camp Ross-- and even the entire world-- at risk for total annihilation! 

Will the interstellar pirates be able to save the planet from certain destruction? 

Who are these wandering rouges, and what other beings lie in their path beyond the stars? 


Come to Camp Ross this summer and experience the space pirate saga for yourself, laser swords and robot parrots not included. 


This year continues an amazing QUEST at Camp Ross. The QUEST 

for Arrow program is in its 2nd year at Ross and is specifically designed 

for Second Year Webelos (WEB2/Arrow of Light Scouts). QUEST will 

be incorporated into a incredible program focused on Cub Scout Arrow of 

Light Requirements, transition into Boy Scouting, and of course LOTS OF FUN!

Things to expect: Our highly trained QUEST staff will be instructing and leading

your scouts through exercises that introduce requirements from the first 

few ranks of the Boy Scouts, as well as emphasizing more advanced themes 

from the new Arrow of Light requirements . Activities are fun and engaging, 

while still including challenging opportunities for your Webelos to grow as a 

leader and a scout.


This program is open to all Arrow of Light Scouts (WEB2), regardless of 

their previous camp experience. 

By devoting time to our advanced program, we minimize the time lost 

in our basic program by the participants, while still giving them a significant 

exposure to a pre-boy scout program. Your scouts will be able to enjoy 

more difficult content and challenging activities all while being able to return to 

their friends back in the standard program for the remainder of the week. 

We keep in mind that one of the best parts about summer camp for 

scouts is sharing the experience with the other scouts in their pack. 

QUEST Schedule Outline Link

If you have any questions at all please contact Matt Hanson at: 

[email protected]