Camp Ross Service Projects & Donations


One of the possible awards you can receive at camp is the Diamond "W" Award. This is one of the highest awards that a pack can receive at Camp Ross. One of many requirements to earn the Diamond "W" is to spend at least 1 hour devoted to bettering Camp Ross. Many groups use this time to complete Service Projects for the camp.

Many of the projects just require your manpower to complete. For the most part, most equipment and supplies can be provided to you at camp to complete the projects. However, some of the projects may need additional supplies. If you plan to do a large project, or construct something, please contact Ian Hoke at [email protected] before your arrival at Camp Ross to allow time for planning.

Below is a list of service projects that Camp Ross is currently interested in having, sorted by Program Area:


-Building new benches (Ross Bench Design)**

-Building/Donating new Picnic Table**

-Painting new BB Rules Board

-Building new solo shooting benches**


-Building new worm box**

-Painting new Nature Rules board

-Painting Nature bridge at entrance

-Building new wooden animal tracks**

-Building new clay volcano


-Repairing/Extending Wood Fence

-Building new benches (Ross Bench Design)**

-New Scoutcraft sign for shed

-Adding a Teamwork Challenge element**

-Lashing projects:


     -Rope Hanger

     -Backpack Hanger

-Redigging/Relining Fire Pits

-Fence around Monkey bridge area


-Build a holding area fence**

-Repaint Archery gate and entrance way**

-Build wooden arrow storage container**

-Painting Sings:

     -Do not sit on bow table

     -Do not lean on fence


-Painting Handicraft benches

-Building a fence along the sides of the pavilion**

-Building/Donation materials for washing stations

-Building drying rack for tie dye shirts


-New steps on side of QM**


-Build and install new Flag Poles (Needed in most Program Areas and Campsites)

-Build new campsite fire ring benches (Needed in Sites 11, 10, 6, 4, 9A, 3, 1)**

-Replace Admin porch trim due to wood bee damage**

-Trail maintenance and repair

-Road Repair

-General trail clearing and lining

-Repair/Reboard Picnic tables

-Many more to come.......

**These are larger projects that will often require planning before camp and purchasing and transporting some of your own materials to Camp Ross. Please contact Ian Hoke at [email protected] before you arrive if you would like to do one of these projects.

New Ideas:

This list is not nearly exhaustive and service projects do not need to be picked from this list. Some of our best service projects are the ones that Pack's think of and complete after their arrival at camp. We highly encourage Packs to keep their eyes open the first few days at Camp Ross and keep an eye out for possible things that they would like to fix. If you have other ideas that are not on this list please contact Ian Hoke at [email protected]

If you would like more information on a certain project, or would like to reserve a project as yours, please email Ian Hoke at [email protected] We greatly appreciate all donations and work done for Camp Ross. Any supplies that are purchased by Packs to complete service projects can be tax deductible. Please bring any itemized receipt of supplies bought with you to Camp Ross for info on receiving a tax receipt.


Camp Ross always accepts donations of anything from power tools and general constructions supplies to program supplies. Camp Ross is currently looking for the following items:

-Plastic 5 Gallon Buckets

-Ratchet Set (SAE + Metric, 1/4" Drive)


-Electric Handheld Power Equipment (Drills, Saws, Sanders, etc.)

-Electric Router and Bits

-Lumber (2x4, 4x4, Plywood, etc.)

-Paint (Latex/Acrylic, Assorted Colors)


-Working Cond. Lawn Equipment (Mowers, Weedwhackers, etc.)

-Working Cond. Chainsaws

-Working Cond. Gas/Diesel Generator

-Office Supplies (Printer Paper, Printer Ink [Ask for #'s], File Folders, etc.)

-Used/New 10+ Gallon Fish Tanks


Any equipment donations are greatly appreciated at Camp Ross and are tax deductible. Please see Ian Hoke upon donating items for info on receiving a tax receipt.

2016 Camp Ross Staff Fund

The Camp Ross staff works incredibly hard over the summer months, easily putting in over 70 hours a week. The staff fund is a place where adult leaders or parents can donate money, not to Camp Ross, but to the staff itself. The staff fund will be used for such events like staff parties, staff trips, and anything else that can make the hard working staff's summer more enjoyable. If you are and adult leader that had a great week at Camp Ross or a parent that has heard non-stop stories from your scout once they get home, this is the place to give back and reward the hardworking staff that made that week a possibility. Thank you in advance for any and all support!

You should receive a payment confirmation email from Paypal to be used as your receipt. (Staff fund donations are not tax deductible)